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Zhu Rui Go

Release time:2022-08-08 04:02:55

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"We feel strongly that excluding countries could jeopardize future relations throughout the region and put some of the ambitious policy proposals your administration launched under Build Back Better World at risk," they wrote in their letter.

The Executive Director applauded the work of the Commissioner’s office and urged the Commissioner to enable relocation of vulnerable refugee households, many of them female-headed, from areas at risk of landslides and flooding before the rainy season.

Media is the voice of society and also plays a critical role in its transformation. With that responsibility on our shoulders, we have become the first Turkish newspaper joining UN Women’s Global Media Compact. At the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, we made firm commitments focusing on economic justice and rights of women with the slogan ‘Now is our turn.’ While delivering those commitments, we will make a difference and put our hearts into our work as Milliyet family.”

The report will include insightful regional fact sheets and stories of change featuring civil society initiatives in various countries, along with seven data sets that can be downloaded by journalists. This includes new data on household composition and labour force participation.

“It’s really challenging to assist with a delivery using my phone’s light, because I can’t see clearly. I have to hold the phone in my mouth while working. Doing [medical] procedures at night is almost impossible,” explains Karway. 


Later in the day, the Executive Director visited China Women’s University to speak with local students. She emphasized the opportunity that this generation has to be the first to change power relations between women and men and to achieve sustainable gender equality for the world, as well as to be the last generation with the possibility to save the environment.

My mother didn’t know [about sexual and reproductive health and rights]. I went to my first Population Council training when I was 17 and we talked about reproductive health. I came home and told my mother what I’d learned. I told her I don’t want to get pregnant; I’m going to use some method to prevent that. She got very upset and told me not to use anything like that. She said she’d be watching. She was 40, a mother and a grandmother, and was shocked at what I had learned. 


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